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Background Checks

We can perform full background checks on potential employees & partners.


Vetting through psychometric testing in combination with our background checks.

Polygraph Tests

We provide Polygraph / Lie Detection Tests in our test centres or your home & office.

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Our services

Lie Detection

Access our global network of polygraph testers and have our examiners visit your personnel at work for oyur convenience

Background Checks

Background, criminal, CBR checks on individuals or corporate programmes to screen current & potential employees.


Security & Surveillance, loss prevention programme design are just some of the services onwhich we consult your bussiness.


We provide training from shop floor to door staff to SIA level compliance including US and UK based regulations.

Helping you discover the Truth

Polygraph Tests | Vetting | Security

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New Training With Military Firm

A new contract has been aquired servicing a military project to train staff in street vigilance for city based operations. Watch out for more info as we update you on the progress.

Cyber Security Threat

With the news of recent cyber security threats, we explore the use of offline data storage and the potential benefits of being off-grid. Is your data any safer when stored off the web?