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About Us

Our philosphy and our history

''We try to make the world a secure place to live''

Poly Test Intl is a global company with a network of private and commercial partners helping us provide a range of products and services to help you secure your business. We provide everything from security, surveillance, CCTV, consulting, auditing and lots more helping hundreds of businesses around the world. We have offices around Europe, Americas, Asia and the Middle East and reach out to more areas through our network of partners who profile our services in the field providing a safe, secure and convenient way to access security services no matter where you are.

Our philosphy and our history

"We work for your to reach your aims and targets"

Our philosophy is to provide genuine information about people, be it an employee, business partner or husband, we aim to reveal the truth. We have been operating for over 10 years embracing the digital age to aid us find the information you need to protect you and your business. Poly Test Intl is operated by a dedicated team via our USA and UK offices as well as managing our network partners in order to provide a truly global service. We also have 100's of agents fulfilling our service in most major cities in the USA and UK!

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